Crosby Township, Ohio - Historical Society
8910 Willey Road
Crosby Township, OH  45030
Hamilton County

Phone:  513.738.1440
Fax:  513.738.4310
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Earl Corson, President            (513) 367-0228
Tony Torres, Vice President
Charles Heis, Treasurer
Shirley Morgan, Secretary

The Crosby Township Historical Society was founded in 1995 for the goal and purpose of preserving and restoring the many historical buildings and historical sites that are located throughout the township. Crosby Township is home to a very rich heritage of Native American villages, early pioneer settlements , and Shaker Buildings. The goal of the Crosby Township Historical Society is to preserve this history for those in future generations so that it may be a part of their lives as well. The society always welcomes new members and meets on the third Thursday of every month at the Crosby Township Senior Center, 8910 Willey Road.

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